Size Guide

*Please note images below to help you select the correct size for your jewelry. 


Please use picture below to guide you on choosing the correct length in inches of how you prefer to wear your necklaces. 

You will get a more accurate measurement if you can measure your wrist directly. When measuring your wrist please add 2-3 cm to the wrist measurement to allow for the beads if any.

1. Please use a rope or a thin strip of paper to circle the wrist.

2. Mark the rope/paper where it overlaps to form a circle.

3. Measure the length with a ruler.

4. Compare the size table of the bracelet.

Measure the finger you intend to wear the ring on. Refer to the Centimeter/Millimeter side because it is the most accurate on rings. 
Size varies on different designs. Rings with wider or thicker band tend to fit a little bit tighter. Consider one size bigger when buying wide or thick band rings. 
How to measure with a paper or rope: 
1. Cut a thin strip of paper or use a thin rope.
2. Wrap the paper or rope around your finger. Make sure it's snug not tight.
3. Mark with a pen or pencil where the two ends meet.
4. Measure the length on a ruler from tip to pen mark.